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Georgian Ambassador visited Polish ship

On 23 Septembers, 2013, on the occasion of the Polish Armed Forces Day and joint Nato-Swedish naval exercises the Polish Embassy in Stockholm held the reception on the Polish ship "Xawery Czernicki".
At the reception Georgian Ambassador Konstantin Kavtaradze met with the CO of SNMCMG1, commander Piotr Sikora and CO of ORP "Xawery Czernicki" Lieutenant Commander Wojciech Paprotny. Ambassador told Polish naval officers the history of Georgian officers who served in the Polish Army in 1920-30s. Small group of young Georgian Junkers who were defending Georgian capital Tbilisi against the 1921 February military aggression of the Bolshevik Russia were forced to leave Georgia after its occupation. While in exile in Turkey they were approached by the representative of Polish Marshal Josef Pilsudski and offered to go to Poland in order to serve in the Polish Army. 120 of them became Contract officers of the Polish Army under the Pilsudski leadership. In their new capacity they were defending Poland against Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. After occupation of Poland many of them joined Polish battalions fighting on various fronts of the WWII, they participated in 1944 Warsaw uprising, alongside with other Polish officers Georgians were shot by Soviet NKVD in Katin. For them fighting for the freedom of Poland meant fighting for the freedom of Georgia. 
Konstantin Kavtaradze recalled that while serving as an Ambassador of Georgia to Poland previously unknown documents about Georgian officers were discovered in Polish archives, monument dedicated to the memory of those officers was erected in Warsaw and museum of Georgian officers was established near Warsaw. 
Commander Piotr Sikora and Lieutenant Commander Wojciech Paprotny told Ambassador that Polish admiral Xawery Czernicki who was founder of the Polish Navy, and whose name the ship bore, was also shot dead in Katin. They stated that it is important to keep the memory of those Georgian officers who were part of Polish-Georgian joint military history. 
Polish naval officers presented Ambassador with commemorative medals of Polish Navy.

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