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10th anniversary of foundation of the GUAM

On November 23, 2007 a reception organized by the Embassies of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine was held at the Embassy of Georgia in Stockholm to mark the 10th anniversary of foundation of the GUAM – Organization for Democracy and Economic Development.

The reception was attended by political experts, analysts, representatives of the Parliament and Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, business, media and academic circles. Ambassadors of Georgia - Mr. Amiran Kavadze, Moldova - Mrs. Natalia Gherman and Ukraine - Mr. Anatolii Ponomarenko in their remarks to the audience highlighted the main principles, activities and developments of the GUAM, stressing the fact that during the last decade the GUAM emerged from the regional cooperation initiative and progressed to a dynamically growing, full-fledged international regional cooperation organization, with a well-institutionalized structure.

In particular, the speakers underlined that the main purposes of cooperation within this international institution comprise promotion of social and economic development; strengthening and expanding trade and economic relations, promoting democracy in the region, bringing prosperity and well-being to peoples of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

It was underlined that the GUAM is a natural partner of the EU and the ENP Action Plans signed with all GUAM member-countries are an efficient tool of bringing its member-states closer to the European values and standards. The member-countries consider EU–GUAM, Nordic-Baltic countries – GUAM cooperation as the most promising as well.

For 10 years since it was launched the GUAM has already proved its viability. The GUAM member states managed to implement a number of successful initiatives, aiming at democratic and economic development of the region.

The heads of diplomatic missions stressed that another priority of the organization is a peaceful resolution of protracted conflicts in the GUAM area. The GUAM member-countries will continue cooperation to mobilize further support of international community to the process of peaceful resolution of conflicts in GUAM region, based on principles of justice and international law.

Current security-related agenda of GUAM has its clear focus, which is channeled to the stability promotion. The active efforts are being taken by the GUAM member-states, which are directed at the creation of the space of peace and stability in the region.

Cooperation between the Embassies of GUAM countries, accredited in Stockholm will be further expanded as the Government of Azerbaijan has taken decision to set up an Embassy in Sweden.

23 November, 2007

Embassy of Georgia
Embassy of Ukraine
Embassy of Moldova

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