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The Bread Festival in Stockholm

On 25th October at the Museum of History in Stockholm on the initiative of the Museum and publisher Mr. Alexander Scarlatt was held the Breads of the World Festival. The Embassy of Georgia and the Georgian Society participated in the Bread Festival. Different kinds of Georgian bread, cheese-bread, wine and other products were presented at the exhibition. The exhibition was attended by many representatives of Swedish media, political and cultural circles and representatives of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Sweden.

Georgia is known as one of the oldest centers in the world for its culture of wheat and bread production. The name "Georgica” as the Romans named Georgia was very much connected with the Georgian agriculture. The Georgians are known as one of the most bread-baking and respecting the bread people in the world. (Poori)-bread, as one of the most baked wheat products, was always the object of ritual respect in Georgia. Bread was always present at joyful or mourning events. The tradition was to bake bread in the family. Bread could have a ritual, a familial, an everyday or hospitality meaning. Different kinds of bread were used at funerals, at worshipping or at time of Nature Revival. People thought that the souls of the dead were present at the baking process, and the dead were remembered during the dough process. Baked bread was kept in a bin the ornaments of which were most beautiful works of art. The centuries long technology of baking of bread products and different forms of Georgian bread represent the high culture of the production of this primordial food product – bread in Georgia.

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