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The Foundation of the Georgian Society (Diaspora) in Sweden

On16th June 2007 at the Embassy of Georgia in Sweden on the initiative of the group of Georgians living in Sweden and the Embassy of Georgia a Georgian Society (Diaspora) in Sweden was inaugurated. The statute of the Georgian Society was approved by the founding members and a governing body was elected: chairperson, deputy chairperson and seven members of the board; the functions of each member of the board were defined. Mrs. Marina Skondia – Axell was elected chairperson of the board the Georgian society in Sweden.
The main aims of the Georgian Society in Sweden are:
1. To provide assistance to Georgians living abroad as well as strengthening their spiritual and physical ties with their motherland.
2. To help Georgians living in Sweden for smooth integration into social and cultural life of the Swedish society, to act as coordinative and informative center for Georgians, provide assistance aiming at popularization of the Georgian language, culture and history as well as organization of public diplomacy and promotion of business activities between Georgia and Sweden.
3. To pay special attention to such spheres of activity as culture, art, education and humanitarian aid, protection of rights of ethnic Georgians and establishment of links with other Georgian and different ethnic minority societies in Sweden.
4. For the purpose of the above-said the Society will organize such activities as concerts, expositions, receptions, Georgian studies and cultural days; the Society is planning to publish a Georgian newsletter, set up a Georgian Sunday school and organize other activities according to the Swedish legislation and other events which are within the competence of the Society.
     The address of the Georgian Society in Sweden is as follows:
      Embassy of Georgia
      c/o Georgiska Föreningen
     Humlegårdsgatan 19, 1fl
     114 46 Stockholm
     Tel: +46(0) 8 678 02 60
     Tel: +46(0) 708 580 540
    e- mail: Geo-For@hotmail.com
For further information, please apply to the secretary of the society board:
 Ms. Ketevan Bagaturia  +46(0) 8 731 83 10
or accountant:
Ms. Ketevan  Jachiashvili  +46(0) 736 396 757

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