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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Georgia to the Kingdom of Sweden and the Republic of Finland. The good and friendly relations between Georgia from one side and Sweden and Finland – from another, have already created a fertile soil for future fruitful cooperation.

Many Georgians now live in Nordic countries, they have integrated into local societies, at the same time they have preserved their unique language and culture. Hundreds of Georgians living in Scandinavian countries not only contribute to the welfare of Swedish and Finnish societies in particular but also make the name of Georgia well known in the places of their residence.

After November 2003 events Georgia embarked on a comprehensive reform process aimed at establishing democratic governance, securing sustainable economic growth and social  development, restoring territorial integrity peacefully – in brief, turning Georgia into a European State with strong institutions, fully integrated into European and Euro-Atlantic structures.

The political, economic and cultural relations between our countries are also close and very important with a lot of interchange taking place. Georgia occupies a vital geostrategic position, as a transit rout for central Asian energy resources to Europe. In this connection Nordic-Baltic-Black Sea cooperation becoming more essential.

The Swedish-Georgian relationship has its historic roots: in X-XII centuries Vikings showed interest towards Caucasus region, had several voyages to Georgia and got familiar with the culture of Colchis, in the beginning of XVIII century prince Alexander Bagrationi-Imeretinski spent 10 years in Sweden and brought Georgian culture and traditions to the Swedish society, in the second half of XIX and beginning of XX centuries Nobel brothers built oil installations and transport infrastructure in Georgian port Batumi, in 1918 prominent Georgian political figure Michael Tsereteli established a Georgian diplomatic representation in Stockholm etc.    

We hope that this website will help further to strengthen these ties and increase the interest and knowledge about Georgia. Besides the website is meant as easy access to information about Georgia in several areas, including politics, business, history, culture and many more.

If there is something you do not find in our webpage, please let us know and we at the Embassy of Georgia will try to provide any kind of assistance being at our disposal.

Amiran Kavadze

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