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Nobel is back in Georgia

A mutual history between Georgia and Sweden is being rediscovered through upcoming visit of the Centre for Business History in Stockholm together with the family Nobel. Almost ninety years after Nobel brothers' departure from a Caucasus in revolutionary upheaval, their descendants now return to Georgia in search for footprints of their great grandfathers. This month, 21-24 March, Professor Thomas Tyden, Head of the Nobel Family Society, participates in a delegation of archivists and historians from the Centre for Business History in Stockholm (CBHS) on a week-long contact visit to leading archival institutions in Tbilisi and Batumi. Currently, the history of the brothers Ludvig and Robert Nobel and their Branobel oil industry 1870-1922 is atop the CBHS agenda.

The CBHS delegation is optimistic about finding historical remains from the Nobel activities also in Georgia. Important transport and oil shipment infrastructure was built, there in the late 19th and early 20th century to transport the. Baku oil through Tbilisi, mountain passes in Eastern Georgia and the Black Sea port of Batumi for onward distribution to European and western markets. Besides at that time Batumi became an industrial centre for processing and refinery of crude oil in Caucasus. Under the Branobel Company request the government of Sweden opened a vice-consulate in Batumi to provide a legal assistance to the company and many Swedes who had been living in Georgia at the edge of XIX-XX centuries. This mutual history that connects Sweden and Georgia tells about industrial genius and innovations ahead of its time.

During their stay in Georgia the members of the Swedish delegation will meet and discuss opportunities for joint research works and archive cooperation with the National Archives of Georgia and the Batumi Technological Museum.

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