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First seeds of independence for Georgia were planted in the fertile soil of Finland

Finland and Georgia have many similarities: being small nations, bordering big and strong neighbours have always struggled for independence and preservation of national identity. As history has shown, Finland’s North-East and Georgia’s South-East extreme location in the European continent created both opportunities and challenges to the nations. First seeds of independence and freedom for Georgia and some other Easter European nations were planted in the fertile soil of Finland in the beginning of the 20th century.

On 3 September 2007 in Helsinki with participation of the Embassy of Georgia to Finland a memorial plaque was unveiled, which was attached to a wall of the house and marked the 100th anniversary of the underground meeting took place in April 1907 attended by representatives of national independence movements from Finland, Poland, Russia and Georgia. The plaque bears following inscription: “In this house, in April of 1907 a secret meeting took place with participation of independence movements of Finland, Poland, Russia and Georgia. At the gathering, a plan of cooperation was discussed aiming at freeing the peoples from the dictatorship of Tsarist Russia. Delegation from Poland was led by Joseph Pilsudski, later Marshal of Poland, and a founder of “the new Poland”. It was the very first meeting of representatives of independence movements of the Eastern European nations, being the part of the Russian Empire.

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