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Relations between Georgia and the Kingdom of Sweden

Diplomatic relations between Georgia and the Kingdom of Sweden were established in 1918 and restored on 19 September 1992.

Diplomatic mission of Georgia to the Kingdom of Sweden was opened in 2006, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden to Georgia in 2010.

Fields of Cooperation

Georgia and the Kingdom of Sweden enjoy long-term friendly relations dating back to the birth of the first democratic republic of Georgia (1918-1921). 2018 marked the 100th anniversary since the opening of Georgia’s first diplomatic mission in the Kingdom of Sweden.

The two countries continue to develop multidimensional and partner relations both in bilateral and multilateral formats, including close cooperation in the political, inter-parliamentary, defence and law-enforcement areas. Special value needs to be placed on cooperation through International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

The increasing dynamics of relations between the two countries is further bolstered by the high-level political dialogue conducted regularly in the form of visits and telephone conversations, both at the executive and legislative level. It is noteworthy that the Swedish Foreign Minister visits Georgia almost annually.

The Kingdom of Sweden firmly supports Georgia’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, both in bilateral and multilateral formats. Of paramount importance is the active support and engagement of Sweden, as the co-author of Eastern Partnership initiative, in the irreversible process of Georgia’s integration with the EU. Sweden’s participation in the EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM) is also worth mentioning.

Close cooperation at the parliamentary level plays an important role in the relations between the two countries. In 2013 cooperation between legislative bodies moved to a qualitatively new stage, when the Head of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Sweden (Riksdag) - Per Westerberg visited Georgia and inaugurated the project of inter-parliamentary cooperation. Interparliamentary relationship is further bolstered by frequent exchange of visits. Georgia-Sweden Friendship Group chaired by Marlene Burwick, a social-democrat member of the Riksdag representing the Uppsala constituency was set up at the Swedish Parliament in 2019. The Friendship Group with Sweden functioning at the Georgian Parliament is led by Maka Bochorishvili, chair of the European Integration Committee.

Of priority importance is development cooperation between the two countries. The Government of the Kingdom of Sweden acting via the International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) provides important support to Georgia. Among EU Member States, Sweden is one of the largest donors of Georgia. Cooperation is focused on the following three areas: strengthening economic integration into the EU and developing functioning market economy; strengthening democracy, respect for human rights and developing of state in the frame of rule of law; improvement of environment through reducing the impact on environment and enhancing resistance to climate change.

Since 2009, the two countries have actively developed defence cooperation. The Defence Ministries of Georgia and Sweden cooperate in the format of bilateral Action Plan. In 2017, the Ministers of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Kingdom of Sweden signed Law Enforcement Cooperation Agreement, which aims at enhancing cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of the two countries. With a view to effectively fighting organized crime and illegal migration, Police Attache was deployed from 2016 at the Georgian Embassy to the Kingdom of Sweden and Migration Officer was appointed from 2017 at the Swedish Embassy to Georgia (also accredited to Armenia and Azerbaijan).

The Swedish-Georgian Chamber of Commerce has been functioning in Georgia since 2015, with a view to further deepening trade-economic relations between the two countries.

The two countries enjoy dynamic cooperation in education and culture. The Georgian-Swedish projects are actively funded by the Swedish government agency – Swedish Institute. Georgian students are annually awarded scholarships to continue their studies at the Swedish higher education institutes. Georgian young people are also offered grants to undergo vocational training courses.

Sweden Alumni Network Georgia was set up in 2015, with the support of the Swedish Institute. The network is still up and running.

The Centre of Scandinavian studies at the Tbilisi State University offers Swedish language courses. The Malmö University in Sweden provides Georgian language courses and operates the Caucasus Studies Centre.

There is a successful cooperation between Stockholm’s Business-Historic Center and the Nobel Brothers Georgian Museum. Folke Bernadotte Academy runs annual short-term training courses in which Georgian representatives participate.

Georgian literature section is set up at Stockholm‘s international library.

Cooperation at the municipal level is also part of relations between the two countries. Sister cities include: Ambrolauri and Värmland (since 2000), Poti and Östhammar (since 2007) , Rustavi and Kiruna (since 2007). In 2006,cooperation was established between Värmland city of Säffle and Kakhetian city of Telavi.

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of restoration of diplomatic relations between Georgia and the Kingdom of Sweden.

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