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The Ambassador of Georgia met the Chair of the Defence Committee of the Parliament of Sweden

On May 22, the Ambassador of Georgia, Irakli Khutsurauli, met with Peter Hultqvist, the Chair of the Defence Committee of the Parliament of Sweden and a member of the Parliamentarian friendship group with Georgia (Social Democratic Party). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss various aspects of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

During the meeting, both sides emphasized the existing close partnership between Georgia and Sweden and highlighted the positive dynamics in their relationship.

The Ambassador provided a comprehensive overview of important developments taking place in Georgia. One of the key topics of discussion was Georgia's integration with the European Union. The significance of granting candidate status to Georgia and the importance of Sweden’s was emphasized. 

Moreover, the meeting addressed the security challenges prevailing in the region and their implications for both Georgia and Sweden.

Parties agreed to keep intensive dialogue to support the development of bilateral cooperation.