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Visit of the Georgian delegation to the Kingdom of Sweden

On January 15, at the initiative and support of the Embassy of Georgia, the delegation led by the Director of the Art Palace of Georgia, Giorgi Kalandia, visited Sweden. The purpose of the visit was to explore historical materials preserved in the Swedish national archives and libraries, which represent important resources for studying Georgian-Swedish, as well as Georgian-European relations.

During the visit, the group visited number of significant sites, including the Uppsala University Library, the Stockholm National Library, the National Archives of Sweden, the Swedish Military Archives and the High School in Västerås. The Georgian delegation discovered highly important documents and materials related to the Georgian-Swedish exchange, among others, previously unknown portrait of the Georgian Prince, Alexander Bagrationi; unique publication of Shota Rustaveli’s poem the Knight in the Panther's Skin”; diplomatic correspondence between the countries and ancient European maps of Georgia.

Mr. Kalandia and his crew filmed several TV programs based on materials and documents uncovered during the visit, that will be broadcasted by Imedi TV.